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Hang trio | Echoes of Tomorrow

Release Date: September 17, 2019
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This CD is a reflection of the diverse musical influences of Severin Berz, Julien Neumann and Samuel Huguenin. The six tracks constitute a voyage through an immensely varied musical landscape.

In HAPPINESS, the hang, double bass and saxophone create a brisk, cheerful, rhythmic sound.
In BAB EL NUR, the GU part of the hang, combined with the oud, constitute an enchanting oriental vibe.
GENESIS draws you into a mystical, ethereal world.
Thanks to Salif Kone’s balafon, or African xylophone, NAEREMA allows you to discover an earthy, ancestral African sound.
HOMAGE constitutes a harmonious combination of guitar, bass and hang.
MANDALA gives free rein to the lyrical tones of the flute.