Sound Meditation

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Thursday, September 10 at 7:00pm9:00pm in UTC+02
LifeMBA Center, Qian Yongkang Hutong 44, Beijing, China

Evenings | 7 pm – 9 pm | 27th August & 10th September | 200 RMBIn this session, you will discover the Hang, a unique instrument invented in Switzerland at the turn of the century. It produces gentle, subtle and, at the same time, rhythmic and intense sounds, which help people to fall naturally into a state of relaxation.

As you adopt a comfortable position, the music will carry you into a meditative state. It will gradually relax your mind, releasing physical and emotional tension, and drawing you into a deep and vibrant silence.

Listening to music naturally makes us more alert and helps us to achieve this joyful, meditative state, even at the first attempt. More experienced practitioners will learn to discover hitherto unknown dimensions of meditative practice.